The future
of dining

A new
generation of table

Hinteractive Technology was founded in order to provide consumers of different segments to satisfy their needs in the field of interaction of high interactive technologies.

We are young talented team which is an official representative of KODISOFT, whose main task is to become a leader in the field of implementation and full integration of interactive solutions.

Our vision is to inspire people from all over the world to join common desire of creating a new era, improved, easily adapted for the needs of people, modern businesses and governmental forms.


Double your profit

Increase every check by up to 32%

The waiter-independent ordering system, with sharp graphics and smart suggestions, allows and encourages guests to order more and more. With IRT technology they don’t have to collect their orders in one large list or wait for their waiter’s recommendations. Recent research indicates that this innovative feature alone will increase your average check by up to 32%!

Incredible Up-Selling

Think about the IRT as a powerful and tireless sales machine that never sleeps! Don’t limit yourself to food. Now you can sell almost anything—consider games, gifts, any types of discounts, gift certificates or tourist packages. Your guests can now book rooms in hotels, order taxis straight to the door, or even purchase vacation packages—and your business will get a percentage of each transaction!


Slash your cost

Save more than $100K every year on staff payroll

With IRT technology, only ⅓ of average staff will be required because all straightforward ordering and billing can be easily completed directly by guests at the table! Simultaneously, tips will remain the same thanks to the smart tip collection feature. This means every business will be able to save ⅔ on staff salary, while adding ⅔ of overall table tips to their books.

End the costly battle against theft

IRT technology allows for complete control of all crucial service stages as well as vital staff. With clear, simple, fully-automated ordering and billing processes, businesses can now end any and all unacceptable losses in FOH operations.


Take full control

Effective customer feedback

IRT technology will collect all customer feedback much more comprehensively and effectively thanks to the smart and user-friendly software. It will never forget to ask for feedback and will never lose or distort any transaction results, so you’ll always have the best information at your fingertips to help make your business run better than ever before.

Attract more guests

A modern, updated, fresh and inspiring atmosphere will increase visitor flow dramatically. With a new interactive restaurant you’ll be able to easily create the “big buzz” every local community constantly craves! So prepare to become the new dining “destination” in the neighborhood scene.


Double your profit “from thin air“

With IRT technology, everyone can control an absolutely new and unbelievably powerful advertising channel. It’s like broadcasting your own TV channel, but with even more control. You can sell to your visitors outside your doors access to goods and services inside and still make money “from thin air”. Used wisely, the IRT will allow you to increase your raw income by up to 50%, which will definitely look good on your bottom line.

Become the local event king

Every IRT will bring near limitless possibilities when it comes to dominating local events. With the vivid visual impression that an IRT can create, businesses can take it to new levels in terms of hosting birthday parties, corporate anniversaries and weddings. Decorate any space with the customer’s personalized photos using the optional wall projection technology, show thematic slide shows and videos/movies on tables, or run games and competitions between tables. Imagination is now the only limit!

Make social marketing free and easy for everyone

Because of tight integration with major social networks, guests and visitors can and will enthusiastically promote the restaurant all by themselves. Proactive social marketing like this is invaluable and will undoubtedly be many times more effective than traditional SMM avenues.

Improve your service speed and accuracy

With IRT technology there’s no need for waiters to take orders or even to cash-out. These operations will automatically happen without a hitch when your guests are ready. It will take mere seconds and save an enormous amount of time for both the staff and guests. Research indicates that you can expect substantially more visitors per seat in an IRT restaurant versus a more traditional setting.

Save money on renovations

Now that the restaurant is fully digital, any and every theme as well as your overall daily atmosphere can be altered quickly, easily and very reasonably. New pictures, videos and social media content will continually create fresh, exciting impressions on new visitors and regular guests. And when choosing projection technology for interactive walls, you can do the same with an entire room. A quick, simple and always inviting revamp can now be part of the daily menu.

No more paper

Become green and be even more effective while you’re at it! With IRT technology, paper is a thing of the past and that’s good for everyone. A smart, beautiful and engaging IRT menu will do the same job, only better, and will be easier on the budget as well.

One central command center

Throw away any outdated POS, CRM and ERP software and all the hassles that come with them. Forget about those overly complex reports that are difficult to use or understand. IRT will provide easy access to a simple yet powerful Central Command Center with all the functionality you require and more. Conveniently collect all the vital data needed, and then streamline operations so that they work much more effectively for everyone!

Return on investment in 6-10 months

Installing an IRT system may temporarily increase the budget by 30-40% initially, but it will begin paying for itself immediately before paying off quickly. Depending on certain specific factors you should reasonably expect an ROI in less than a year and then enjoy profits from that point forward. IRT technology creates a brand-new, innovative business which will open up new possibilities every day moving forward.

The brave new restaurant operation

Orders and tables

Management now has the ability to instantly see and control what happens on every table. The IRT system collects all orders and processes them to the staff for rapid expedition, and the management can then oversee and effectively adjust to any situation, all from one central location.

Live order map

This page will provide a true “eagle-eye view” of any restaurant. Empty tables, served tables and waiting tables are all easy to track on the screen. What’s more, any position can be changed on the screen by simply dragging-and-dropping to simulate any desired room layout.

Detailed table view

With DTV, management can control any situation with any specific table. Icons indicate the order status, waiter calls and check-out requests, so no manager will miss any key business actions or transactions!

Point of Sales

Here’s the classic, old-school POS functionality in a faster, easier, much more intuitive framework. Manage orders, print bills and apply discounts with the powerful yet user-friendly POS module.

Staff Management

Review personal work data, check updates, and provide fair rewards—all it takes is a few minutes to set up the entire operation. And with this tool, management can finally and conveniently check real staff performance at any time.

Watch Control

Every waiter in the interactive restaurant can now be equipped with their own personal IRT Smart Watch. It can also track each waiter’s activity and instantly transfer the information directly to a staff management Command Center.

Menu Management

A great tool for creating a “live” menu for every dish currently on offer. Upload pictures or even videos, write descriptions, choose a price and offer options for discounts. Voila! This smart, engaging and fun interactive menu not only sells your dishes better than ever before, but also encourages guests to order more!

Client Management (CRM)

With IRT, management receives a “magic” database that fills up with contacts automatically every time any new visitor logs in to Facebook. You’ll then be able to cater to their needs and expand your customer base simultaneously.

Content Management (CMS)

Take real control of how the restaurant space looks online. In this panel you can create any media set from any table in the room as well as define background pictures and videos which will create an always fresh atmosphere for all guests to enjoy.

Multiple language support

Every table can now “speak” in any language required to make business work! Simply create a set of available languages in the operation menu and it instantly becomes available to every table in your space. And if you should ever need any additional languages, simply make a request and it can be set up at no additional cost.

App Management

Add, configure or delete any and all applications you want to use in your space with ease! Conveniently create and then define all the best attributes of your space within your interactive experience to “move” all your customers in exactly the direction you want them to “see”.

Website constructor

Is a modern, functional, intuitive and eye-catching website that’s simple to setup and easy to update a business requirement? Of course it is. This feature can now be added at no additional cost with the IRT system! Any new website can be up-and-running in minutes, maintain a reservation feature and be fully integrated with any restaurant management software.

Come experience a brand new Command Centre for everything that your guest requires for an exciting new dining experience! And the powerful yet simple software puts all the control in your hand at the touch of your fingertips.


Unlimited Multi-Touch surface

The unique Touch Technology supports an unlimited number of touches. It will perform flawlessly even when every guest sitting at the table is enthusiastically exploring all the hands-on possibilities. Touch Technology allows for the enjoyment of IRT technology without limits.


Instant Hand/Object Recognition

Touch Technology instantly distinguishes the subtle differences between every hand and object placed on the tabletop, and then effortlessly delivers the most innovative method of communication with the interactive table.


4x more pixels

4K resolution is effectively four times sharper than that of Full HD, so you'll see the picture, not the pixels, even up close. The first time you experience the screen, you might not believe your eyes. And of course this means that all applications and all text will be more detailed than ever before.

Full HD TV - 1920x1080px

Interactive Table - 4K Ultra HD 3840x2160px

Additional features

A range of payment options

IRT will change how customers pay with breakthrough contact-less payment technology (or credit card), with our unique security features built right into the device. So now customers can use their smartphones or credit cards to pay in a simple, safe and completely secure method.

Additional features

A personal invitation

Use NFC, mobile apps, or a QR code for easy access to your customer account and instantly receive discounts and Facebook data, or simply share photos with your friends online.

Additional features

Amazing cameras for everyone

Smile! With four built-in high quality cameras, customers will be able to clearly see each other on the table display, do video conferences with any guest from other tables, or make and share their favorite “selfies”. It’s not only fun, it’s a brand new type of fun!


Touch sensor

8 mm’s of Diamond glass
Gesture sensor
Unlimited Multi-Touch sensor
Proximity sensor
Ultra HD retina display
  • Display

    Ultra HD 4k screen with 3840‑by‑2160 resolution with support for millions of colors

  • Processor

    3.6GHz quad-core Intel Core i7(Turbo Boost up to 4.4GHz)

  • Memory

    up to 32GB of DDR3 memory

  • Graphics

    Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 graphics processorwith up to 4GB of GDDR5 memory

  • Storage

    128GB of flash storage (SSD)

Weight and dimensions

50’’ (3840*2160) Ultra HD retina display
Length of table 1200 mm
Table width 700 mm
Screen thickness 25 mm
Weight: 67 kg


  • Taking additional income from food court area
  • Creating new communication channel between visitors and tenants
  • Attracting more eaters to Foodcourt
  • Attracting more guests to Shopping Mall as one of the key anchors
  • Switching visitors from smartphones to interactive shopping/entertainment activity
  • Recognising customer loyalty profiles via password-less logins and engaging them to share their experience over social networks


200 TABLES - average size

1200 SQ.M - average area

3,000,000 - number of people served in one year

1,000,000 HOURS - cumulative time of interactive contact provided in 1 year

2700€ - installation price per sq.m

20€/month - service price per sq.m

200€/month - expected generated profit
































Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Clubs. IRT can convert a traditional cafe into a modern generation communication hub. More fun, more interaction and more integration – this is the demand of modern people throughout the world


Just think about Las Vegas!


Time control and navigation assistance are key. There are many benefits with IRT integration into an airport`s cafe, restaurants, waiting zones and duty-free shops


We breathe new life into the old shopping mall food courts. IRT can make it amazing, fresh and alive. Now it is a cantral part of the mall – for shopping, eating, communicating and entertaining. A new age is coming!


Ebony Dubai, United Arab Emirates

iCafe Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Neo Bar Vladikavkaz, Russia

Oshi Limassol, Cyprus

Papashon Interactive cafe Lviv, Ukraine